…ER Thanksgiving.

*I have been super busy with school and work this week, so here is another old story. Enjoy!*   Thanksgiving was always simple growing up at my house. Just my parents, my little brother, and me. The dinner would always be plenty for all of us, and there was always tons of food leftover to … Continue reading …ER Thanksgiving.


One of My Latest Jams!

Okay guys, as I am currently listening to one of my latest favorite groups while working on "grown up responsibilities" at the library, I had to share them. My dad sent me a link to "Walk off the Earth" on Facebook a while back, and I just love so many of their music videos. Their … Continue reading One of My Latest Jams!


This is an old story from a blog I started a long time ago. As I was going to delete the old blog, I wanted to share this story on here as it is that important to me. Thank you for reading.  **Time estimates may not be exact, due to it has been a long … Continue reading …Marbles.